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Carnivorous Omnivore Becomes an Herbivore.

I’ve always joked with my children, “I don’t care who you marry, as long as you don’t marry a vegetarian.” This is ironic now, because after December 31, 2012, I became a vegan.  I grew up in an Italian-Jewish family surrounded by food with every kind of meat and seafood. It was interesting to me […]

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Purchasing a French Press

The best way to brew coffee (not espresso) is with a French Press. With a French Press, you can control the extraction of all of the coffee flavor and you can control the temperature of the water. Here’s a video of how to use a French Press. There are so many places, online and brick […]

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Kindness and Respect on Thanksgiving

I grew up on Staten Island, New York. As a product of a Jewish mother and Italian Catholic father, I knew that I was Jewish by birth, but always felt close to the Italian side- my stomach has always been Italian. When I enrolled at Manhattan School of Music for vocal performance as a teen, […]

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An introduction

it’s impossible to pigeonhole ourselves into one identity, but we often do it to ourselves. Who says that we must only be one kind of person with one singular desire? Why are we then called renaissance men (women) because we live interesting lives. This blog is an attempt to satisfy my two loves in life_

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How well do you know your espresso drinks?

Several famous chain coffee bars have made the latte and cappuccino famous. They are often ordered because they are exotic Italian names, but most people don’t know what the ratio is between milk and coffee or what kind of coffee is used. The traditional latte has 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk where the steamed […]

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Great Peace through Jersey Shore and Flavor Flav

When asked about my favorite TV shows, I answer directly, “Jersey Shore, but I used to watch Flavor Flav’s‘Flavor of Love’.” There is often an awkward pause partly from disbelief and partly through fear and disgust. Before I explain why I’ve watched these shows you must know that I do not find their actions despicable, […]

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