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Cocaine for Coffee

By now, you’ve probably tasted our awesome microlot Haiti Blue Mountain coffee from Cafe Kreyol.  Our friends at Cafe Kreyol have sourced three other microlots from Colombia, Bolivia, and Mexico. Let’s talk about the Colombia Cauca Region microlot. This coffee is grown in the Southwest West region of Colombia, facing the Pacific Ocean.  Joseph Stazzone, […]

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Chazzano Coffee Defender Video Game: Avoid the Cream and Sugar

It’s important to speak with everyone that you meet. In addition, it’s important to speak with your closest sphere of business friends often because every meeting enables you to learn more about them and the other special people in their lives. If you’ve read my book, “God Cries and An Angel Loses its Wings,” I […]

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The Curse of Fresh Roasted Coffee

When we first opened Chazzano Coffee Roasters, I had a great idea. We roast 10-20 different single origin coffees every day. What could be a cooler gift than 2 oz. sample bags with 5-10 different choices? We bought 1000 red (our signature color) sample bags. We shipped a few out to very happy customers. Soon, […]

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Why you shouldn’t care about whether it’s a dark or light roast

What is one of the most popular first questions at Chazzano Coffee Roasters? The answer is: “Do you have a Dark/French/Italian/ Espresso Roast?” The reason that many people ask for a dark roast is that they believe that dark means richer or bolder. That is not close to the truth. In addition, the brewing method […]

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Ethiopia Sidamo Washed, City Roast

The luxury of roasting coffee on a small 12lb. roaster allows me to experiment constantly on different roast profiles and flavor profiles. Just a few seconds more or less of roasting can change a coffee from good to awesome, or very good to very bad. Truly. Coffee Roasting is like pregnancy and child rearing. Let […]

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