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Guatemalan Trio

We (Frank, Klaire, and Talia) just cupped three coffees right now: 1. Guatemala FTO 2. Guatemala COMAL 3. Guatemala Finca Sabanetas Guatemala FTO: This has tremendous acidity, creamy and milky mouthfeel, oatmeal and maple sweetness. When it cools down, there is an explosion of chocolate that takes over the fragrance and flavor. Guatemala COMAL: This […]

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We’re One Year Old!

I’m roasting Costa Rica Tarrazu Santa Laura now. It’s truly bringing a tear to my eyes, because it is the first coffee that I roasted 10 years ago. My wonderful mother-in-law always sends a nice check every October in honor of my birthday. Ten years ago, with that act of lovingkindness, I bought a small […]

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Cupping on my Birthday

Every day at one of my cafes, I do an almost continuous cupping of various coffees that I roast daily. Today, on my birthday, I’m in the mood for espresso. There are three espresso choices that I am cupping: 1. Jen’s Blend 2. Guatemala Comal 3. Klaire Bear’s Tropical Summer Blend Guatemala COMAL brewed with […]

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