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What’s in a name? Everything.

Would you like a cup of the Colombia Castillo Cauca? Or some Colombia Villa Maria Caldas Supremo? Or perhaps the Bolivia La Paz AA? At many other coffee shops, you’ll find names like, “House Blend” or “Espresso Roast.”  So, what’s with all of the crazy long names? Did you know that “Mandheling” (of Sumatra Mandheling) […]

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Cocaine for Coffee

By now, you’ve probably tasted our awesome microlot Haiti Blue Mountain coffee from Cafe Kreyol.  Our friends at Cafe Kreyol have sourced three other microlots from Colombia, Bolivia, and Mexico. Let’s talk about the Colombia Cauca Region microlot. This coffee is grown in the Southwest West region of Colombia, facing the Pacific Ocean.  Joseph Stazzone, […]

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Chazzano Coffee Defender Video Game: Avoid the Cream and Sugar

It’s important to speak with everyone that you meet. In addition, it’s important to speak with your closest sphere of business friends often because every meeting enables you to learn more about them and the other special people in their lives. If you’ve read my book, “God Cries and An Angel Loses its Wings,” I […]

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The Curse of Fresh Roasted Coffee

When we first opened Chazzano Coffee Roasters, I had a great idea. We roast 10-20 different single origin coffees every day. What could be a cooler gift than 2 oz. sample bags with 5-10 different choices? We bought 1000 red (our signature color) sample bags. We shipped a few out to very happy customers. Soon, […]

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Space Ships and Drip Coffee Glass Carafes? A ranting about coffee in the future

  I am addicted to the TV show, Eureka. The show is part science fiction, comedy and serious drama with affable characters that I know I’ll miss once I’ve seen all the episodes. The town of Eureka is filled with geniuses of every discipline all working for Global Dynamics- a secret government think tank and […]

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Brewing a Better Cup of Drip Coffee

Hey, Frank! Can I use your coffee in my Mr. Coffee maker? Sure, but you may want to finagle a richer brew out substandard equipment. The problem is that drip makers don’t reach the proper water temperature of 195-205 degrees. If you’re lucky, the temperature will reach 170-180 degrees. In addition, most drip makers don’t […]

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