Chazzano Coffee Defender Video Game: Avoid the Cream and Sugar

It’s important to speak with everyone that you meet. In addition, it’s important to speak with your closest sphere of business friends often because every meeting enables you to learn more about them and the other special people in their lives. If you’ve read my book, “God Cries and An Angel Loses its Wings,” I discuss the power of networking and growing your life.
So, I’ve had frequent one-to-ones with a good friend and awesome lawyer, Lisa Schmidt, of Schmidt Law Services. She has graciously brought her best friends to Chazzano Coffee Roasters and has given detailed testimonials about how she never enjoyed coffee until she began to drink Chazzano Coffee. That would have been enough (or Dayenu in the Jewish Passover service) but she also introduced me to her husband, Kep Amun, of Hellscape Games. I have owned almost every video game system available since the exciting days of Atari. It was my dream to own a Chazzano Coffee video game. Kep designed and created a video game that is the virtual soul of the cafe- avoid the cream and sugar or “God cries and an angel loses its wings.”  The game play is reminiscent of Space Invaders or Galaga. The free game, available on Google Play,  is designed to entertain, make you smile, and remind you not to put sugar or milk in your cup of fresh roasted Chazzano coffee, ever. You’ll find it deliciously addictive.
Chazzano Coffee Defender
Every time I’ve met with Kep, our 15 minute conversation became a joyous (for me, at least) two hour conversation about video game design and philosophy. Here’s a very short interview with Kep Amun:

Why did you name your business, Hellscape Games?

I think it’s a very cool name and that idea conveys the kind of games I like to play and the kind of games I want to make.

What is your philosophy and value system when you are designing each game?

The game should always be enjoyable to play, so I always try to incorporate player-biased design. Every time the player does not get something they wanted, instead of blaming the game, they feel that if they just do a little better next time, they will be successful. People often complain when a game feels unfair, and they might be right, but no one complains when a game is unfair in their favor.

What are some nuances that you added to the Chazzano Coffee Defender game?

The sound of collecting coffee drops is a pleasant dollop, while cream makes a sharp splat on impact. I wanted the player to associate cream with unpleasantness to match the message of Chazzano Coffee. The jazzy music was chosen to fit the typical cafe ambiance, but with an added driving tone that induces a feeling of being rushed. I doubt many players have realized that they can keep moving after the level has been completed to catch the last few drops of coffee, and actually get more points.

What is your philosophy behind the scoring system?

Reward the player for the difficulty of what they just accomplished. Completing a level has a certain difficulty, but completing that same level while taking less damage and using less Chazzano men is more difficult, so the player is rewarded for that. Using a Chazzano man heals you, but the scoring system is balanced so that using one purely for the points, is never worth it. This encourages the player to only use Chazzano men when absolutely necessary.

If you could play only one video game, which one would be your all-time favorite and on what platform?

I have played thousands of games and being stuck with only one, no matter the game, sounds horrible. Given that, I probably will play though Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64 again at some point, even though I’ve beaten it at least three times already.
Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo is the owner of Chazzano Coffee Roasters in Ferndale, Michigan, and God and Coffee Consulting based in Oak Park, Michigan as well as the Cantor of Congregation Beth Shalom in Oak Park. He is the author of “God Cries and an Angel Loses its  Wings.”
Kep Amun is the owner of Hellscape Games. He is the proud creator of Intergalactic Bubbles available now on and Desura, as well as some brilliant Games of the Month available on
Download Chazzano Coffee Defender mobile game from Google Play here. Please download it, play it, and rate it!

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