Storing Fresh Roasted Coffee

Chazzano 1lb. bags


The eternal question is: How do I store your coffee, Frank?

The answer is simple. Store Chazzano coffee on your counter. Every bag is equipped with a one-way valve that allows the carbon dioxide to escape (the coffee degases- I love saying de-gas). The one-way valve also keeps oxygen out of the bag as long as you rezip the bag after each use.

So, why not store the coffee in the refrigerator?

That’s actually the worst way to store coffee. The aromatics of the coffee will eventually mix with your tuna casserole. The fact is, everything dies- especially fresh roasted Chazzano Coffee. Therefore, you really only have 2.5 weeks to enjoy Chazzano Coffee at its highest point of freshness. After 2.5 weeks, the flavor steadily dies. The good news is that stale coffee won’t kill you, but the bad news is that part of your soul will be destroyed.

Ahem…what about putting coffee in the freezer?

No. It may make you feel better, but you won’t extend its natural life.

The secret of the universe: Buy enough fresh roasted coffee for a two week supply. Bring your bag back for a 10% discount. Repeat.


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