Brewing a Better Cup of Drip Coffee

Hey, Frank! Can I use your coffee in my Mr. Coffee maker? Sure, but you may want to finagle a richer brew out substandard equipment.

The problem is that drip makers don’t reach the proper water temperature of 195-205 degrees. If you’re lucky, the temperature will reach 170-180 degrees. In addition, most drip makers don’t fully soak the grounds in the brew basket. Therefore, drip makers, without any intervention, brew a weak, uninspired cup of coffee. However, if you follow my advice, you’ll enhance the potential flavor notes, body, and mouthfeel of your coffee.


Not a drip machine, but better: The Pourover method

1. Place the required amount of coffee in your brew basket.

2. Soak the coffee in the filter, in the basket, completely with hot water for 1 minute.

3. Place the brew basket in the drip machine. Push the brew button.

The result will be a better extracted cup of coffee. And…if you have a few extra dollars in your pocket, give your Mr. Coffee away to a needy individual and buy a French Press. It’s the easiest way to brew coffee and truly the best way.

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