You Should Get Married

If you’re getting married soon, congratulations! I wish you a long, healthy, and happy life together. Here are a few ideas for the wedding to start your life together with joy and gratitude.

1. Who’s catering the coffee for your wedding? Most caterers use very low quality coffee for receptions. If you are both coffee lovers, ask the caterer to call us for a quote. As you walk from table to table, greeting and thanking your guests, wouldn’t it be awesome for you to have a great cup of coffee in your hands? Chazzano Coffee Roasters can cater the entire event (including with an espresso machine) with French Presses or just fresh roasted coffee for you and your spouse!

2. What are you giving to your bridesmaids/ groomsmen? How about a Chazzano gift box with fresh roasted coffee, fresh loose-leaf tea, or our Chazzano hot cocoa mix? We can provide you with 2 oz. sample bags of our awesome coffee, tea or cocoa. Put a Chazzano 2-cup French Press and they will truly smile at your wedding.

3. What coffee are you drinking during your honeymoon? If it’s a USA honeymoon, tell us where you’re going and we’ll ship it in time for your arrival.

4. Use Chazzano Coffee during your frequent wedding planning sessions. Our Herbal Sunset tea will relax you. Our Hot Cocoa will make you smile. All of our customers/witnesses will make sure that you don’t hurt each other before your joyous occasion.

5. Put a Chazzano Coffee Club Membership on your wedding wish list!


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