What kind of word is Toyvel, anyway?

You probably know that we are a Kosher establishment. We’re closed on the Jewish Sabbath and major Jewish Holidays. I wear my yarmulke (head covering) all day long. There’s one Jewish activity that you may not know or understand that is central to Chazzano Coffee Roasters. All of the metal, glass, or ceramic drink ware or coffee brewers are placed in a ritual bath before they may be used in the cafe. This process is called in Hebrew, Tevila, or immersion in a Mikveh (ritual body of water). The Mikveh (ritual bath) is found in a building by many synagogues. The water in this deep pool (Mikvah) comes from a natural source like rain water or a spring.

Toiveling (5)

The word “Keilim” in the photo is the Hebrew word for vessels, specifically for vessels involved with food preparation and serving.

In the Jewish home, the table represents the altar on which we used to give offerings to G-d in the Holy Temple (last destroyed during 70 C.E.). There is holiness, a closeness to G-d, at any table at which we eat or drink. Therefore, the cups, dishes, silverware, and vessels for food preparation, should also be special, or holy. Before we drink or eat, we say blessings, thanking and asking permission from G-d for the food or drink we are about to consume.  Any food related vessels that are made from natural materials, e.g. glass, ceramic, or metal, should be dipped into a ritual bath. There is a blessing that we say before we immerse the vessels. It is: Praised are you L-rd, G-d, Sovereign of the Universe, who sanctifies us with His commandments, and commands us to immerse our vessels. Part of the requirements for owning a Kosher establishment include Toiveling, serving all Kosher ingredients, and not gaining benefit from your business during the Jewish Sabbath or major Jewish Holidays.

Toiveling (2)

The Blessing that is recited before Toiveling

We spend all day long involved in mundane actions. When we brew our coffee using a French Press or Vacuum Syphon, we are slowing our routine down, and savoring the experience of brewing the coffee. The Vacuum Syphon will slow you down by at least 7 minutes. That’s 7 minutes longer that you get to interact with the person next to you. The act of immersing one’s vessels in a ritual bath (Mikvah), doing something out of the ordinary, moving away from the mundane, enriches your life with thoughtful experiences.  It reminds you to make the most out of your day, to immerse yourself in ways that beautify and enrich your life.

Vessels are placed in the Mikvah.

Vessels are placed in the Mikvah.

All vessels are then dried,

All vessels are then dried and sanitized at the cafe.



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