The Congo also grows Coffee? Limited edition Congo Washed Arabica Kivu.

Did you know that only 10-15 percent of coffee grown in the Democratic Republic of Congo is arabica beans? Congo’s government is unstable and the future for high quality coffee in the region is uncertain. However, we’re thrilled with the selection of Washed Arabica from the Kivu region that we’ve acquired. This coffee crop is the result of 900 small farmers’ coffee yield. Many of their farms were only .5 hectares, which translates to 1.23553 acres. The coffee is fully washed, then de-pulped by hand within 24 hours after harvesting. Fermentation is done for 24 hours with clean water and the parchment is dried out in the sun for about 3 weeks.  All of that information is very interesting…for a coffee roaster. However, what’s most important is whether it enriches your life. The answer is, yes it does. The Congo as an espresso shot is one of the finest shots you’ll ever taste. It has an awesome earthy mouthfeel with some spicy notes that pleasantly linger for awhile. As a drip or pourover coffee, this coffee again excels. It is interesting that as a French Press, we all agree that it tastes a bit like cardboard with a young, just freshly made wine in your cousin’s basement finish.

The Kivu region, or Kinshasa,  is found in East Congo and the high altitude is great for the coffee grown there.  If you’re an espresso lover, ask for a Congo espresso soon.

Kivu Congo Map to promote coffee