Ethiopia Sidamo Washed, City Roast

The luxury of roasting coffee on a small 12lb. roaster allows me to experiment constantly on different roast profiles and flavor profiles. Just a few seconds more or less of roasting can change a coffee from good to awesome, or very good to very bad. Truly. Coffee Roasting is like pregnancy and child rearing. Let me explain. When you begin roasting a particular coffee, the starting temperature is very important, but you don’t have to really care about the coffee until you get to about 390 degrees Fahrenheit, when the different chemical reactions, caramelization and Meillard Reaction are playing games with the different chemical compounds in the beans. After that first crack after 390 degrees Fahrenheit, when the last piece of skin (silver skin or chaff) blows off of the coffee beans, I can stop the roast at any time. When to stop the roast depends upon who will be drinking it, how old are they, and what are they eating while they drink my coffee.