Carnivorous Omnivore Becomes an Herbivore.

I’ve always joked with my children, “I don’t care who you marry, as long as you don’t marry a vegetarian.” This is ironic now, because after December 31, 2012, I became a vegan. 

I grew up in an Italian-Jewish family surrounded by food with every kind of meat and seafood. It was interesting to me as a non-observant Jew in my youth that I still abhorred seafood of every kind and especially non-kosher seafood like shellfish. My father would buy over $100 worth of meat every Saturday from Novelli’s Pork Store near our home on Staten Island. Our small family of three would devour it all that same day. Fast forward to when I began dating my wife, Lisa, and you’ll find a crazy slim version of my self devouring half a brisket before enjoying the opera. I love eating meat. Before I began keeping Kosher, my wife and I enjoyed a 9-course treif (unkosher) meal for our last treif supper. The next day, I began keeping Kosher and the Jewish Sabbath. I haven’t missed the non-kosher meat at all.