Ageing gracefully is possible with fine cuts of beef, but not with coffee

We will not sell coffee that is more than 2.5 weeks old in the cafe, and we remove coffee from the shelves of major specialty markets when the coffee is over 3 weeks old. The plain truth is that coffee that is over 3 weeks old should never be sold- it’s stale. Try this at home. When you buy coffee beans from Chazzano Coffee, (ground or whole beans-see my previous blog post), drink the coffee every day for 2 weeks. Force yourself to notice whether the coffee changes at all. Take notes on what you taste on the first day and every day until you finish the bag. Do you still taste the same notes on the seventh day with the same intensity as the first day? When does the fresh roasted, awesome coffee begin to smell like “normal” coffee? 

Next time you go to a supermarket, check out the roast date on the bag. What…there’s no roast date? I knew that- there’s often a GOOD BY DATE on the bag. How many months will the coffee still be “fresh?” If there is no “date roasted” printed on the bag, you’re soon going to buy a very stale and flavorless bag of coffee with very cool and beautiful packaging.
Green Coffee Beans
Chazzano Coffee Roasters ships coffee throughout the USA and even to Guam. We’ll deliver to your doorstep whether you live one block away from the cafe or…in Guam.

What happens to the unsold coffee that is over 3 weeks old? We donate the coffee to homeless shelters and low income housing groups because even if our coffee is old, it’s still younger than most of the coffee that you  can pick up at the local supermarket.
Fresh Roasted Chazzano Coffee

Green unroasted coffee beans can last for years under the ideal conditions. Roasted coffee really lasts only 3 weeks until it becomes stale. The good news is that old coffee can’t hurt you physically- only a piece of your soul dies. Life can be short. Why would you want to drink old coffee?