Plum Market and Whole Foods Troy

Did you know that we give away our unsold coffee to homeless shelters 2.5 weeks after roasting? Truly, it is still great coffee compared to the outrageously old coffee on the shelves in many big box stores. However, the aroma begins to disappear after 3-4 weeks after roasting and life can be too short. You deserve fresh roasted coffee. That is why I was always hesitant to sell Chazzano Coffee in any market. Our first entrance in the specialty food market was Whole Foods Market in Troy. I haven’t lost any sleep because it has sold quite well!  Now, our coffee is available on the shelves of Plum Market in West Bloomfield and Bloomfield Hills. Chazzano Coffee will be available in the Ann Arbor Plum Market very soon. If you shop in those specialty food markets, pick up a bag of fresh roasted Chazzano Coffee.

At Whole Foods Market in Troy, the following fresh roasted Chazzano Coffees are sold in 12oz. bags:
1. Ethiopia Harrar
2. Sumatra Mandheling FTO
3. Papua New Guinea FTO
4. Mexico Chiapas FTO
In Plum Market, in addition to the four listed above, the following Chazzano coffee is available in 8oz. bags:
5. Nicaragua Jinotega Las Camelia
6. Decaf Peru FTO SWP
7. Decaf Honduras FTO SWP
8. Peru FTO
All of Chazzano Coffee is Kosher and Kosher for Passover. If you or your family shops for Passover, pick up a bag after you stroll the Kosher for Passover aisle.