Earth Day, Everyday, at Chazzano Coffee

On the first Earth Day, on April 22, 1970, over 20 million people observed the day. Earth Day is meant to bring awareness of the great blessings of our planet and the importance of taking care of our world. As with other non-religious holidays, Earth Day should be remembered every day. If you want to maintain a happy marriage, you need to celebrate February 14th every day of the year. In addition, every day we should remember the sacrifices that our men and women of the armed forces have given for their country to ensure our freedom and liberty. So, Earth Day must be observed every day, and not just on April 22.

Unless you’re a zealot, it’s impossible to do every good deed every day. Therefore, just be simple in your good acts. At Chazzano Coffee Roasters, our emphasis is on recycling:
1. When you return your used Chazzano coffee bags, we’ll refill your bag and discount the coffee 10%. You save money, we save money, and there is one less coffee bag that needs to be recycled.
2. Spent coffee grounds are collected and given to various Detroit community gardens for compost. 
3. SOCCRA recycling- Every Thursday, SOCCRA picks up our recyclable paper, plastic, and metal from Chazzano Coffee Roasters. We are blessed to have SOCCRA in our community.
4. We recycle the jute bags that carry our green coffee beans. The jute bags are used for community gardens or curtains at some of your favorite cafes. Some of you are making shopping bags out of the colorful jute sacks.