Kosher Coffee? Really?

If you are a regular customer of Chazzano Coffee, you probably know that you shouldn’t bring food into the cafe and that I have a higher proportion of Jewish customers than other cafes. If you want an explanation about what kosher means concerning coffee, please keep reading. However, if you are now sitting on your porch in your pajamas, sipping some Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe, and noting how the lemony notes are dancing on your tongue, while the chocolate notes are covering your palate with a creamy euphoria, just put your tablet computer down, now…

According to the Jewish Bible, observant Jews do not mix meat and milk. No cheeseburgers, no veal cutlet parmigiano. There is a prohibition in the Torah (Jewish Bible), “Do not cook a kid (baby goat) in it’s mother’s milk.” Over thousands of years, the Rabbis developed more laws to protect the basic sentiment of the law. Jews are also prohibited from eating anything from a pig or any fish that doesn’t have scales and fins. No pork, no shellfish, no meat and milk on the same plate. Hey Frank! What does this have to do with coffee? I’m glad that you asked.
Chazzano Coffee Roasters is supervised by the Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Metro Detroit. This Kosher authority is the highest authority in the land because they are the most strict. Judaism contains the concept of a slippery slope- if you cut corners, eventually you’ll cut more than that. Traditional Judaism teaches us put a wall around the Torah and Jewish Law. Chazzano is considered Kosher, because we follow the following Jewish laws found in Jewish tradition.
*We are not open on the holiest days of the year including the Jewish Sabbath (from Friday night to Saturday night).
* All food brought into Chazzano Coffee has the highest level of kosher supervision by some Orthodox Jewish authority.
* We do not flavor our coffee, therefore there is no possibility that our coffee which is just a roasted seed from a coffee tree, has touched non-kosher food.
* All outside products made for Chazzano Coffee is supervised by an Orthodox Rabbi from the supervising kosher authority.
Why does an Italian-American Jew with a Jewish mother and Italian father keep Kosher?
It is a way to strengthen my communication with G-d.
Chazzano Coffee is certified Kosher and Kosher for Passover.
Good Coffee Makes You Sing.