New Tea Offerings! Matcha, Sencha, Pu-Err, and White Peony

Chazzano Coffee Roasters is now offering the freshest tea around, courtesy of Zen Tea Traders, a Royal Oak company. We offer 4 awesome green teas, Matcha, Pu-err, Sencha, and White Peony.

Matcha is a powdered tea used as a Japanese Ceremonial Tea. It is an intensely fresh green tea, whipped into a froth like the milk used for cappuchino. I am enjoying as a refreshing iced beverage that is filled with anti-oxidants. Our matcha is also organic. A luscious green concoction.

The White Peony tea is full of flavor and is lovely iced or hot. The Sencha has fantastic fresh notes of peas, asparagus, and broccoli. As a dry loose leaf, it looks like your grass cuttings, but it explodes with freshness.

Finally, there is an argument brewing (get it?), concerning the question: Is Pu-err green or black tea? Much that I have read points to the fact that Pu-err begins as a Green tea and is often mislabeled as a black tea because of its notes and dark color. Green or Black-why can’t we all just get along? Our Pu-err from Zen Tea Traders, is rich, bold green(black?) tea that is aged over 4 years in a cave or underground.

Coffee and tea have a crazy amount of anti-oxidants. I’ll never promote the many health benefits that have been promoted by the media and health professionals. I just promote how a great cup of tea or coffee enhances the quality of your life.

Barbara Gulley has shared this information on her blog on The Detroit Tea Examiner.
Also, here’s a video demonstration for the preparation of matcha from the awesome owner of Zen Tea Traders, Anthony Capobianco. Here’s the Video